Digitization: More Important Than Ever

Usually when a customer places an order, the physical swatch gets ordered from the fabric mill and is shipped. The typical time from a sampling request to an approved order can take up to 4 weeks. Because of this inefficient and time consuming process, there has been an increased push to move towards digitization of fabrics, reducing this process to just a few days.

Adopting 3D Technologies will speed up the sampling and order completion process and at the same time cut unnecessary costs.

3d technology for textile

Fabric Selection:
The customer cannot begin the design process until they have a sample of their fabric in hand. Currently, fabric suppliers are working for digital remedies to this issue. The consumer gains a significant time advantage as a result. With the digital materials delivered to their email inbox, they can begin their design.

Product Previews:
It is sometimes difficult to envision the fabric or print on the final product. Computer designed 3D samples use the exact pattern and model’s body measurements to display an accurate representation of the garment’s style and fit.

Time Taken:
A virtual sample can be created quickly. Postage of fabrics and samples to and from suppliers to clients, as well as the time required for their hand-creation and delivery, are all but eliminated.

Changing in Samples:
It is always possible for customers to request alterations to the fit and style of clothing, and they can be sampled right away, giving producers additional flexibility.

Reduced Cost:
Significantly lower sampling costs. Different fabric types, textures, colours, and prints, not to mention sizes, can be used to create numerous samples. It might be too expensive to create physical samples of all of these.

Without the need to shoot actual examples, computer-generated images of clothing can be utilised in brochures, websites, and marketing materials, online shops etc.

We at Acme Creation agree that digital technology has revolutionised the textile sector and are utilising them to produce the best results in a timely manner!

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