To embrace the scientific thinking in a business,
One needs to believe deeply in the process of experimentation, to be curious about “what ifs”. What happens when one believes in incorporating science at all scales?
Limitless Possibilities: Scientific thinking sets aside prejudices and remains open to possibilities. And Acme Creation is all about limitless possibility. For those of you who are aware, our logo story itself aims to reach the sky.
Better Decisions: Scientific thinkers base their decisions and actions on facts and data as well as intuition and emotion. An organizational culture that embraces scientific thinking expects and supports people and teams at all levels to be “scientists,” passionately and relentlessly looking for and systematically trying new and better ways to do practically everything.
Universal and Timeless: Has there ever been a time when behaviors in an organization or an individual did not produce breakthrough? Consider over eons of time all the major innovations and forward leaps in civilization. Were these not the attributes of the great thinkers and scientists? This face has been universal from the start of time and we embrace it at our very core.
-Acme Creation


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