Spirit of Enterpreneurship

Spirit of Entrepreneurship by Amit Kansal

I often sit and wonder what entrepreneurship is.
Is it about excelling in the game of profit and loss, or is it about managing people, or its about processes?

Or is it something beyond that?

Leaving the answer unanswered here, I would like to move on to the spirit of entrepreneurship.

What is it all about?
The spirit of entrepreneurship is much bigger than the business entity itself. It is about solving the bigger problems in the world, it is about creating an ecosystem where you uplift the community around yourself, it is about making people believe that there is always a ray of hope at the end of this lost tunnel.

The spirit of entrepreneurship is all about setting a positive example by raising the bar, it’s about paving the way for a brighter future which helps other organizations to follow you.

At ACME, we never benchmark ourselves with companies around us or in our sector. We want to instead create a benchmark on the basis of our core values.

Every day we break our own records in the phase of improvement and there is no healthier competition than the self.

Hence keeping the spirit always intact! Now and Always!

– Amit Kansal, Managing Director at Acme Creation

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