Like a Phoenix – Rising from the ashes

Since the time coronavirus or Covid19 has brought a 360 degree turn to our lives, i.e. in the last 70 days since India came into lockdown, I have been talking to many people.

I understand that people/companies are skeptical about the future of their industry, their company. What I wish we could perceive differently ,the crux of this situation.

There were times when I analysed my losses. I also see people around me staring at their losses. The losses of manpower, opportunities, bad debts, the work force laws; the migrant workers have moved, the order cancellations, taxes, etc, etc as the list is big.

We can either keep staring at the losses or we can twist and turn our mindset.

Giving my personal example when we started Acme Creation about 14 years back, I was an amateur, I made a lot of silly mistakes, hired wrong people for the role, didn’t have proper SOP’s in our organisation, made big blunders, couldn’t acquire the right clients. There were a lot of operational inefficiencies that we have improvised.

Now post lockdown, when we are about to start our businesses, what if I tell you that you could hire the best possible consultant on this planet earth, would you???

Well buckle up now!

You are your best consultant.

Nobody knows your business better than you.

You have so many years of experience.

Different situations need different perspectives. If we start looking at the gains, let’s say I am starting a new organisation, already I know my SOPs, my target market, my customers, the best talent pool.

Now all we have to gain is the market. All we have to gain is new orders. All you have to gain is new trust. Aren’t we in an advantageous position?

So rather than thinking about what we have lost, we can start thinking about what we have gained.?

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